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On 4 March 1942 the Elco shipyard located in Bayonne, New Jersey (USA), launched a 80 feed torpedo boat, named Torpedo Boat PT 59, ordered by US Navy for the use in the Pacific Ocean, to counter the Japanese fleet, during the WWII.
Under the command of J. F. Kennedy, one of successive models, named PT 109, heroically stood out during one of the many battles.
Besides the armament, the ship was characterized by particular navigability features, to handle the changing and sudden, adverse conditions of the Ocean.
In particular the hull, shaped as a deep V,the high bow, the trunk stern, granted to the vessel extreme navigation performance, in the maximum safety. Since the early 70′s many of the major shipyards in USA were inspired by such characteristics, building robust and reliable boats with big engines for rapid transfers between Florida and all the surrounding islands.

Black Eagle was inspired by these features, and has put its philosophy in the construction of its own boats, combining design from the past with the technology of the future.

Black Eagle Boats born from the passion and enthusiasm of their manufacturers: refinement in design, component selection and high quality materials make the project a perfectly balanced. Powerful, fast and safe, Black Eagle motorboats cruise in adverse conditions with surprising stability. Classical open american-style, built with high-tech vacuum packed system tm (infusion), lightweight, sturdy, and without any osmosis. It uses the world’s most powerful diesel sterndrive, a power expressed in silence with maximum operating economy and lowest emissions. The interiors, in contrast to the open-sport aggressive design, stand out for their excellent ergonomics and comfort, with two cabins, two bathrooms, and the considerable height of 2 meters. Extraordinary synthesis between a peerless and timeless keel, and a refined lay-out of mediterranean style. All thanks to the fantastic pencil of Pierluigi Mimmocchi from ” MB Marine project and design”, to Black Eagle, and to the joint venture which for years has strengthened the relationship between Black Eagle Marine Italia Srl and Black Eagle Marine Industry Corp. of Miami, who inspired the project.

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